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The 4th Years of The Journey

Thursday, July 5th, 2012

4th years of the journey..

Yes, today is our 4th wedding anniversary..
Congratulation to us.. bunda, babe, adin, dede..

There is difference between the last years anniversary and now. Yes, we are preparing to welcoming the new member of nadi.. Dede, dede zizah/ika (the doctor said “probably a girl”)
This year also will be the 1st year that our family live in the same house, daily. Yes, we’re hoping that bunda will graduated from her school this August.

Ah there’s nothing more I would say, except a pray and wish to Allah SWT, may our family will always be a sakinah mawadah and warahmah family, happly ever after in here and our next life …

Big love to you bunda, adin, dede

welcoming you

Monday, July 2nd, 2012

setelah jojon meninggalkan kami..
kini gogon, kami sambut..

ya gogon.. setelah sebelumnya plat berakhiran JJ dan kami namai jojon, kini berakhiran GG kami namai gogon

bagaimana komentar si kecil?
adin kemana jojonnya?
dibawa pergi sama olang
oo.. terus mobil adin yang mana donk?
yang ini *tunjuk gogon
kangen sama jojon ga?
kangen sama yang ini aja

semoga property yang sekarang ini lebih awetlagi..